Korea - Seoyong Engineering visited FUJI Technical Development Center in Japan.

March 26, 2013

Seoyong Engineering, our reliable distributor in Korea, visited FUJI Technical Development Center in Japan on March 26, 2013. Seoyoung Engineering is not only our sales agent but also our research & development adviser from their sufficient experience in water leak detection market in Koria. Seoyong Engineering is one of our valuable partners of FUJI TECOM Inc.

Seoyong engineering has been participating almost every year to our FUJI water leak detection training course. This year, Seoyong Engineering comes to Japan especially for the training of our new Leak Noise Logger, LNL-1, and for the exchange of views on Leak Noise Logger's user merit from their firsthand knowledge in Korea.

FUJI products development team has received some ideas to improve user friendliness to our equipment from Seoyoung engineering. FUJI products development team will have continuous effort to develop our new equipment that reflects desires of our partners.


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