Invitation to the FUJI TECOM Training Center, How to Find Leaks.

September 09, 2009

In 1971, FUJI TECOM established Japan's first water leak training laboratory, FUJI Technical Training Center in the suburb of Tokyo, JAPAN.
The training center has been continuously expanded and renewed, and today is unequaled throughout the world.

This training facility has numerous underground utilities on a 1,650 square meter site for research and development of equipment, and training in water leak detection.
We also undertake extensive training of our people who lead and support the water system in Japan for our subsidiary leak surveying and consulting company, these training courses are held by our senior experienced engineer.
We have trained many engineers from Japanese water works bureaus since 1971. Also engineers from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand have received training here.

Our training facility simulates numerous leaks in various kinds of pipe materials and situations to enable trainees and experienced engineers alike to learn and train on real leaks and different realistic situations ensuring a good understanding of the principals and practical experience of leakage detection.

We welcome trainees and experienced engineers from around the world to attend our training facility and programmes, topics covered are:

  • Active leakage control
  • Surveying and pinpointing
  • Surveying and pinpointing, Japanese style
  • Leak reporting
  • Case study approach: NRW reduction programmes
Practical field experience and training
  • Surveying with listening stick
  • Pinpointing with ground microphone
  • Ground microphone use with minimum level value
  • Leak correlation
  • Pipe locating
  • Flowmeter data logging

For more information on our Training Costs or schedule, please contact us.



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