Authorized Documents

Authorization List
Patent Registration
Depth measurement equipment of buried metallic pipe PAT 2033693
Detection equipment of leak noise PAT JPN: 3223337, 3191129
UK: 2276515
USA: 5602327
Distinction method of leakage generation PAT 2887443
Detection equipment of vibration and its noise absorbing part PAT JPN: PAT.P
UK: 2325790
USA: 5959210
Location method of buried object and its equipment PAT.P  
Edition and management method for position information of subsurface buried things and the medium recording the program PAT.P  
Information managing equipment and the receptacle for information logging medium PAT.P  
Flow direction and speed meter PAT.P  
Detection equipment of water leak noise PAT.P  
Metal locator PAT.P  
Detection method of metal by metal locator PAT.P  
New design for practical use Registration
Water pressure testing equipment Approved 3054200
Support component for indicating part of buried pipe Approved 3079511
Registration of a design Registration
Holder plate of recording medium of valve data Approved 1164702
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