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How to work PL-960 Pipeline & Cable Locator

PL-960 traces ANY continuous metal, such as; iron, steel & copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper & aluminum wire, conduit, and Power lines whether energized or not.

FUJI Metal Pipe And Cable Locator PL-960


The PL960 is the result of an evolution from the original FUJI TECOM PL801 first manufactured nearly 30 years ago. This state of the art tool accents ease of operation and accurate detection features to allow operators to confidently solve the numerous problems encountered in the field. This tool is ideally suited to the Underground Utility Locating Industry for the wide variety of applications encountered.

Large LCD Display: Graphic Icons and Numeric features detail all operation status functions.Multiple Frequencies: 27kHZ, 83kHz, 334kHz and Passive Radio Mode of 15kHz through 25kHz.One Hand Operation: Easy access to Receiver function keys for quick mode of operation changes.
Integrated Differential and Single Coil Antennas: For different location environments.Current Measurement: This feature receives the magnetic field generated by the current which is flowing at the line to prevent location errors and confirms precise depth.

Pull up method and Current measure is for a reliable depth measurement.

Operation Principal
As a transmitter emits electromagnetic waves, a magnetic field is generated.If a metal pipe or a cable is laid within the magnetic field, induced current (signal current) is produced and flows through the underground metal pipe or cable according to the principle of electromagnetic induction.
Then, a receiver picks up the magnetic field generated by the subsurface metal pipe or cable.
The location and depth of the subsurface pipe or cable is located by the angle of the magnetic force concentrically generated by the metal pipe and the strength of the magnetic field.

Inductive Mode.


PL-960 consists of two integrated antennas. The Differential Coil Antenna for accurate utility locating and the Single Coil Antenna for long distance tracking.
Pl-960 equipped with THREE different frequency modes. 27kHz, 83kHz, and 334kHz. These frequencies have been deemed to be the most efficient for utility locating.


  • 1. Maximum Mode indicating the exact position of the underground utility displayed by a LCD bar-graph and numeric value scaled from 000 to 100.
  • 2. Minimum Mode indicating the position of the Receiver in relation to the underground utility and has a LCD graphic direction feature indicating the left / right orientation to where the underground utility is situated.

Passive Radio Mode, which does not require the Transmitter. This feature detects the Induced magnetic field present on underground utilities.

Maximum mode

Minimum mode

Optional External Coil available for locating Utility-line that has an insulated coating and for Power-line and Telephone-line that cannot be connected directly in the direct mode.

New waterproof external coil.

Optional SONDES: available for locating non-metallic pipelines such as asbestos cement and PVC.

Sonde: Large for 5m, Small for 3.5m depth.

Detection Accuracy

  • - Locating Accuracy
  • 1.2m +/- 2cm or less
  • 2m +/- 5cm or less
  • 5m +/- 25cm or less(to depth)

Locating Distance

  • - Differencial Coil Anntena
  • Induction Mode = 260m +/-260m +/-10%
  • Direct Mode= 400m +/- 10%
  • - Single Coil Antenna
  • Induction Mode=400m+/-10%
  • Direct mode=450m +/- 10%
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