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How to work Noise Correlator LC-2500

What is a Correlator?
Leaks in pipelines are valuably produce noise. This noise travels by two roots. Some travels through the ground to the surface. And some transmitted in the wall of the pipe and the water.
Correlator detects noise transmitted in the wall of the pipe and the water. "Pipe fittings" such as meters, valves and hydrants are used as access points. The position of leaks can be pinpointed by picking up leak noise at these two points.

FUJI Leak Noise Correlator LC-2500

How does a Correlator Work?
  • 1. Sensors Hear the Leak Sounds transmitted on the Pipe Walls.
  • 2. Pre-Amplifiers/Transmitters Amplify Leak Sounds and Transmit them Continuously to Main Processor (CPU).
  • 3. Main Processor (CPU) Compares (Correlates) sound and Displays Correlation Results.
  • 4. User Inputs Pipe Material, Pipe Diameter, and Pipe Length for all segments.
  • 5. Main Processor/CPU Calculates Exact Distance to Leak.
Principle of Leak Noise Correlator.

FUJI TECOM LC-2500 Features

- 24bits Digital Signal Processor
The Main Processor Unit, 24 bits digital signal processor for much faster Correlations. Weighing less than 3.1kg., can easily be carried all day.

- Ruggedly Built and Weather-Tight
The Main Processor Unit and the Pre-Amps/Transmitters can operate in rain storms, sub-zero temps., and direct sun for hours.

- High Sensitivity Sensors Standard for PVC pipes, "poly" services, and large mains.
The new LC-2500 sensors are very sensitive, small in diameter, and totally submersible.

- No Built-In Rechargeables
Runs all day on Standard or rechargeable "D" batteries.

- Easy to Set Up and Run
Input Pipe materials, diameters, and length by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic function can do the rest.

- Powerful Transmitter
Powerful transmitter radios with 500mWatts output to send signals 900m. That Go Over Hills and Around Buildings Optional "Hydrophones Sensor" for larger trunk mains or PVC Pipelines.

In Correlation, distance to the leak is displayed.

The Main Processor Unit displays the correlation "picture" and the distances to leak from the Red pre-amp transmitter and the Blue pre-amp transmitter.

In pipe data input, Up to six pipe sections can be entered.

In PIPE DATA IMPUT, choose the pipe material, diameter, and length for every section of pipe between the two sensors. Up to six pipe sections can be entered (always in order from the “Blue” sensor to the “Red” sensor).

The Correlator LC-2500 samples the noise for a given period of time and stores the same in memory. This process is repeated and added to the original information averaging the information. The Correlator LC-2500 can sample and average the noise information up to 99 times though this usually is not necessary.

Optional Measure B20-S

Compact and Light weight.

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