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How to survey for water leaks with the FSB-8D Leak Survey Tool

1.The sounds of leaks in pressurized water pipes can travel for hundreds of meters in every direction down the mains and services.

Leak sounds travel on pipes.

Different pipe materials transmit leak sounds down the pipe walls very differently.

2. Different pipe materials and different pipe diameters transmit leak sounds down their pipe walls very differently: Especially, Leak sound decreases in the PVC and non-metallic pipelines drastically.

3.If the distribution system has PVC mains and PVC services, then an "Every Meter and Every Valve Survey" may be necessary. FSB-8D is more effective than Manual Listening Stick in situations when the leak sound is low.

Every meter survey gives you leakage at PVC service lines.

The leak is closest to the main valve because the two-digit display is higher here.

4.If you hear a leak, listen at the adjacent service lines, hydrants, and valves. If the sound is louder, then you are closer. If you cannot tell which on is louder with your ears, then study the two digit display.

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